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Bed Bug Problem – Why Call a Professional?

Bed bugs are nasty little creatures that feed on human blood. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs usually are transported into a home from another location and rarely if ever have to do with how clean someone’s home is. Although messy houses and offices can afford bed bugs great hiding places, dirt is not the causation. Those who have had to contend with beg bugs often wrestle with whether they should de-bug their homes themselves or should call a professional bed bug service to rid of the infestation. When it comes to bed bug control the best option will always be to call a professional.

Bed bugs multiply at an alarming rate. A single female bed bug will pay as many as 12 eggs in one day and they will continue to do so until they perish. At that rate, one can have themselves a fierce issue when looking at the numbers of infestation.

Because bed bugs are miniscule (about the size of the head of a pin) they are seen with the naked eye in most cases, but their size can make getting rid of them difficult. Bed bugs have mastered the art of hiding places and can be found not only within mattresses and other bedding, but they also will make their home within floor boards, dressers and within other furniture like couches and chairs. Though they usually prefer to hang out in the areas where they feed, bedbugs don’t have the nesting habits of other insects and therefore are more mobile.

Trained bed bug professionals are privy to all places that bed bugs hide and this is invaluable. Even if you effectively treat the main source of your bed bugs, chances are others have found their way to different areas of the house and will still continue to breed and multiply, which means that if even one area is neglected, your bed bug issue still exists. Repeated treatments due to not ridding of all the sources can become quite costly and frustrating.

There are many different treatments available on the market for bed bugs, however many of them are not as effective as we need them to be to rid of this issue. Additionally many of these harsh chemicals that are sold are dangerous to your family and pet’s health. Professional bed bug companies will use various methods in conjunction with one another for the most effective elimination of this issue.

Some of these methods include chemical and non-chemical treatments such as removing infested items from the home and bagging or storing items that have not yet been affected. Although even some of the pesticides that beg bug companies utilize are not 100% effective, they are more educated on which resources to use on a case by case basis than those trying to rid of the problem on their own.

Bed bugs have a keen knack of becoming resistant to most over the counter methods and chemicals sold to eradicate them and professionals know this. Therefore they can use the safest and most productive methods available. There are remarkable cases of individuals starting fires due to the improper use of such things like bombs and floggers, which will only escalate the issue further.

Another lesser known fact about bed bugs is that there is a lot of biology that goes into understanding how bed bugs are removed successfully. Professionals understand the biology of these insects, their patterns of behavior and how the evacuation methods work with the bed bugs. This knowledge is invaluable when it comes to getting rid of your issue. Since bed bugs multiply at an alarming rate and hid in precarious places, those who take on this job individually almost always find that their issue may be taken care of on the surface, but a deeper issue still remains when the bed bug eggs aren’t found. Thus, a whole new colony of bed bugs spurs and the problem remains troublesome.

Professionals will be able to use the most effective equipment and pesticides, locate all the hiding and breeding areas and therefore can do a much more thorough job at eliminating them altogether so repeated issues are less likely to occur.

They can also offer a series of helpful hints and tips about how to safeguard your home from re-occurrences. Although it is never guaranteed that one can prohibit the infestation of bed bugs, there are measures families can take to lessen the risk of getting them such as placing mattress encasements on their beds and limiting the amount of clutter within the home.

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